Jamie Morris is a creative video editor who’s been telling stories for over 6 years.

“Such talent and heart beyond his years. A pleasure to work with on all levels. I was very impressed with his technical knowledge and his willingness to help me in areas where I did not know what to do. He goes above the call of duty. Jamie is a professional with great care for his craft.”

– Chloe Angelique (previous client)

He received certificates from Capilano University and Actsafe Safety Association. Morris has also worked over 100 days in the Film Industry, including shows like SEE and AMAZING RACE CANADA. Notably, as a 3rd assistant director (67 days) on Apple TV’s SEE – season 1.

Besides film, Morris is passionate about writing and acting. He’s written and directed original shorts like REAL COPS and theatre productions like THE SPY THEME at Barnabas Landing Playhouse.

Furthermore, he’s edited over +100 live-action videos for YouTube creators to produce social media content. Clients ranged in popularity, from 150 thousand followers to over 30 million followers. Morris received recognition from creators: Markiplier, Lixian, and Alex Tima for attractive post-production work.

Jamie Morris spearheaded his church media team. He produced over 8 documentary interviews and over 4 event highlight videos. And additionally designed all graphics for distribution on the website, signage, and announcements slides.

Please take a look at my portfolio sections above to see my previous work.

– Morris Media Founder, Jamie Morris